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ImageMagick Resources

ImageMagick is a set of command line tools that usually comes standard with Linux distributions.

Make thumbnail images of posters from PDF files


On the Linux/Cygwin/OS X command line:

$ convert -thumbnail 300 Cate_Brown_Roldan_SfN_2014_FINAL.pdf outputFileName.png

To create thumbnail image of one page of a multi-page PDF file (like a journal article):

$ convert -thumbnail pdfFileName.pdf[0] outputFileName.png

[0] is for first page, [1] for second, etc.

Crop images using command line


Anthony did this to crop an SPM rWLS residual time seriers figure (blank except for the very bottom) using command line tool ImageMagick (“convert”).

convert rwls_residual_time_series.png -gravity South ...
   -crop 0x30%+0+0 rwls_residual_time_series_crop.png

This means: “Crop from bottom up (-gravity South) leaving all width and removing 30% of height (0x30%+0+0)”

Got advice from this and related pages:

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