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VT Human Subjects Protections training

Everyone who helps to conduct research in the lab, in any fashion, must complete human subjects protection training. You must complete the online training tutorial before you can be assigned an official role in a research study's IRB protocol.

Here are two steps to complete before you start conducting research in the lab:

1. Complete the online tutorial

  • This is a website with pages to read about the how to conduct studies. Not all of it will be directly relevant to you, but you will need to read all of the pages.
  • After reading all of the material, click on the tab called “Quiz”
  • You will need to enter you VT PID to take the quiz.
  • After you pass the quiz, you should receive an email message with a PDF file attached that certifies that you passed the quiz.

2. Email a copy of your completion certificate to Anthony

Please forward that email to me when you have it; once I have it on file, you will able to conduct research.

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