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awk programming resources

Clean up SPM table .csv files


Anthony did this for the MathWONC project (see here).

Here is the code from

# bash script to run awk commands
# For removing lines from spm table .csv files
# Removes lines with "Unidentified" or any other simple criterion
# Use: $ bash spm_table_file_name.csv
# 2016.01.14 by adc
# Remove unwanted columns
# $1 is the variable that holds the first input argument (the file name in this case)
# Save the output to a temp file that will be deleted at the end of this script
awk -F, 'BEGIN{OFS=","} {print $5,$9,$10,$11,$12,$13,$14,$15,$16,$17,$18;}' $1 > temp.csv;
# Middle of awk script includes pattern matching criteria for including and excluding certain lines
# Output to a new file name, which is like input file name but ending in "_CLEANED.csv" instead of just ".csv"
awk -F, 'BEGIN{OFS=","}  $1 > 5 && $10 !~ /Unidentified/ && $8 !~/NA/ {print}' temp.csv > ${1/.csv/_CLEANED.csv};
# Remove the temporary file
rm temp.csv

Sort article lists by year using awk and sed

[Originally from Anthony's science.txt file, entry dated 2015-07-18.]

Exported bibliography to clipboard in Zotero, pasted into Emacs to write new file:


Try using awk to print column with year before whole rest of line

gawk '{match($0,"\\([0-9]*[a-z]?\\)",a)} {print a[0], $0}' sources_number.txt > sources_number_yearCol.txt

Remove parens from FIRST (year) on a line:

sed -r 's/[(]([0-9]*[a-z]?)[)]/\1/' sources_number_yearCol.txt > sources_number_yearCol_noParens.txt

Used rectangle register copy trick in Emacs to copy only first five chars (catches both 2012 and 2012b) and pasted ultimately to Excel column.

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